Do You Need A Will, A Trust, Or Neither?

Protect a lifetime of hard work and savings from the high cost of nursing homes and healthcare - and make sure you avoid taxes and the government while you're at it.

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Estate Planning

Wills, Revocable Living Trusts, Asset Protection Planning, Health Care & Financial Powers of Attorney 

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Asset Protection

Asset Protection Trusts & Strategies for Protection from Nursing Home Poverty Or Healthcare Costs

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Nursing Home Medicaid

Accessing Benefits to Pay For Care - Getting It Right & Ensuring Success

Our Process Makes It EASY For YOU

Most people put off planning because it seems hard.  The good news?  Attorney Nicole Wipp has years of experience with hundreds of clients going through our process ... and we've learned all the ways to make it easy on you, the client.

Estate Planning in Hawaii
Elder Law in Hawaii

Good Planning Ensures You Don't Need To Fear The Future

Far beyond planning for just death, elder law seeks to help YOU with what can happen during your life, particularly the high costs of care and the uncertainties that go along with it. With careful planning, you don't need to fear the future.

It's All About You, And Those You Love

Making things easy.  Ensuring there is money or benefits to pay for care. Leaving what you have worked so hard for behind for your loved ones, instead of the government, taxes, the nursing home, or others. Our planning process makes sure you cover all your bases and gets what you have to where you want it to be - when it is needed the most.

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